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USTI Clinical Training

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Join in person with our Certified Trichologists, educators, licensed cosmetologists, Hair Loss Practitioners and Specialists (and may have our Board of Director or physician available for additional training). The goal is to show you as many types of hair and scalp issues as possible while watching an experienced trainer, step by step, in office.

Hands-on Practical Training and Demonstrations

  • Live consultations, scoping and checkups with live people/models
  • Expert scoping – identifying progression and timelines
  • Proper tracking of pictures
  • Consent for use in your practice before & after's
  • Check-up (live models)
  • Consultation role play with questions, objections, and guidance to provide proper solutions
  • Documentation and sales form review
  • Identifying product and program/solution referral
  • LLLT Training and hands-on low-level light device operations
  • Safety operations – OSHA-MSDS compliance with retail products

Transfer Fee- There is a $100 class transfer fee should you cancel within the 2 weeks prior to the class start date and a $200 class transfer fee should you cancel within 5 days to the class start date. There is no guarantee that any future classes will have availability but each class does have a waiting list available.

Each student will complete and turn in 1 research paper and 2 brief client case studies 2 weeks prior to attending this training, on Thursday, August 4th. If the student's case study is not submitted to their assigned sales rep by the date required a $50 late fee will be applied.