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  • Toppik Hair Fattener

    Toppik Hair Fattener

    Eliminate the appearance of thinning and balding hair with Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Spray the keratin fibers of Toppik over your own thinning hair and achieve a thicker, fuller head of hair in...

  • Toppik Hair Spray

    Toppik Hair Spray

    Purchase the Toppik Fiberhold Hair Spray to ensure Toppik’s fibers stay securely in your thinning hair while you brush your hair and throughout the day. Further strengthen the bond between...

  • Toppik Hairline Optimizer®

    Toppik Hairline Optimizer®

    Toppik Hairline Optimizer® is uniquely designed with irregular teeth to help your client mimic a natural hairline when applying Toppik® Hair Fibers. Works with Hair Fibers to eliminate any...

  • Toppik Spray Applicator®

    Toppik Spray Applicator®

    Spray Applicator allows your client to precisely apply Toppik® into your thinning areas rather than shaking. The fibers disperse more evenly to achieve a more natural look. It’s especially...

  • Toppik® Toppik®


    At last, there is a safe, natural way to eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. It’s not a spray, cream, or coverup. In fact, it’s so scientifically advanced that it is...

    $24.95 - $79.95
  • Toppik® Travel kit

    Toppik® Travel kit

    Toppik® is an amazing new complex of tiny, microfiber “hairs” that perfectly blend with your hair. Toppik® fibers are made of the same organic Keratin protein as your own hair...