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HLCC offers hair thinning programs based on nearly 30 years of experience. Our trichologists, doctors and hair thinning experts design programs for all types of hair thinning and for men and women. Many of these programs include laser treatment, which are available at any of our 300+ clinics worldwide or at home with a hand held or home laser. Whether you go for a consultation at one of our clinics or buy online, these are the best tried and true hair thinning solution programs available.

If you need help picking the right hair loss program for your hair thinning or desire a private personal or phone consultation, please click the consultation link. Or call 1-877-HLCC-123

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  • The Complete + Program

    The Complete + Program

    The most commonly soldprogram to combat aggressive hair thinning. This multi-therapeutic program wasdeveloped by doctors and hair thinning experts, as an easy convenient, multistepsolution with 11 DHT blockers, to help eliminate the major cause of...

  • The Natural Program

    The Natural Program

    HLCC® Scripts Natural Program is a gentle, yet effective solution to combat the appearance of fine, thinning, and damaged hair with gentler ingredients. The Natural Program This is a gentle, yet effective solution to combat the appearance of fine,...

  • The Hair Strengthening Program

    The Hair Strengthening Program

    Hair Strengthening Program HLCC®’s Hair Strengthening Program is perfect for those looking to maintain their locks or improve the strength of damaged hair due to extensions or excessive chemicals, heat, and color treatments. This program was...

    $219.99 - $839.80
  • The Complete Program

    The Complete Program

    The Complete Program HLCC®’s Complete Program is one of our most frequently requested packages for men and women looking for a formula to help with all of their hair concerns. This program includes a topcial stimulator that is packed with 11...

4 of 4 Items