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Capillus 272 Hat/Cap

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Capillus272™ Laser Cap

The Capillus272™ Laser Cap is a low-level light therapy device that fits securely on your head, under the cap or hat of your choice. Capillus272™ was designed to fit in with a busy schedule with treatment times of only 30 minutes, repeated three times a week. Getting your hair back can be a convenient and affordable process. Powered by a battery pack that clips to any belt or pant waistband, the Capillus272™ allows the user the mobility to go about their normal activities during use. It features 272 lasers at low power wattage of 5mW and wavelength of 650 nm.

The cap has a deeper fit than other less powerful caps on the market, providing more coverage to the temple area.

The Capillus272™ has been featured on The Rachel Ray Show, The View, Dateline, Today, and other media outlets. The device's mobility and the opportunity to easily conceal inside of a hat or scarf makes this a popular home treatment choice. There are many options available for managing hair loss.

Our certified hair loss consultants can assist you in finding the right laser treatment based on your individual needs.

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