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HLCC®’s leadership team works with hair loss professionals throughout the world to ensure that our continued success is built upon a foundation of uncompromised safety, reliability and effectiveness. Our leaders are dedicated to embracing and passing these values on to our customers, employees and partners.

bill-1-.jpgWilliam Blatter, President

AMCA & USTI Trichologist; HLCC® President

As an America Medical (AMCA) & USTI Trichologist and Hair Loss Expert, he is known internationally as a leader in the Hair Loss, Hair Care, Laser and Low Level Light device industry. HLCC®’s president, Mr.Blatter, has a reputation for excellence as a speaker, trainer and educator in laser and hair loss services & solutions. Along with his leadership at HLCC®, he is a founder and Chairmen of the Board of the US Trichology Institute and on the board Global Dermatology Institute, and he speaks globally at major international Trichology conferences in places like Buenos Aires, Argentina and San Antonio, TX.

Blatter is a resource for both consumers seeking to rejuvenate their hair as well as the businesses throughout the world seeking to provide clients with high quality, effective Hair loss and hair care services in a structured and consistent manner.
Blatter has been interviewed on many TV shows, including Fox News “Focus,” ABC’s “Good Morning Dallas” and CBS New Orleans News, along with interviews by several national health radio shows and trade journals. He is a featured speaker yearly at the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show, has spoken at American Beauty shows, and the American Hair Loss Council and the doctors at the Las Vegas, NYC and Germany,etc. World Anti-Aging shows, among many other appearances. Blatter has appeared in or written pieces for:

Blatter has appeared in or written pieces for:

  • National Hair Journal
  • Aesthetic Trends & Technologies
  • MedEsthetics
  • The National Hair & Skin Journal
  • The Hair Industry Connection
  • HOT by Hair’s How
  • Modern Salon
  • Salon Today
  • Beauty LaunchPad

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Conducting business in an honest and ethical manner is paramount to Blatter, who understands that many suffer from poor experiences due to false promises, bad products or bad providers. He credits much of his personal success, as well as the success of HLCC®, USTI and affiliated partners, to a focus on integrity, social consciousness and old fashioned hard work.